Welcome to the CPSHIP CPSQL demonstration site!

The shipper now comes to the shipping software they are used to working with. In this demonstration we will only show the UPS WorldShip software, though Starship from VTechnologies may also be used. Starship is ideal for companies that ship with multiple carriers or someone other than UPS.

If Starship is used, the shipping screen will "automatically" populate itself with the shipping data from CounterPoint. In Worldship, you have to simply right click and "paste" the order number into the yellow "keyed import" box (it does not have to keyed in again). As shown below the number 70002 has been entered into this field:

When the shipper presses the "Enter" key, the data is automatically imported into the shipping software and populates the screen as shown below. Note that the shipping method (Ground, Next Day Air, 2nd Day, etc...) can be "triggered" by the "ship-via" description from within the CounterPoint order. Also, if the terms code of "COD" is used, the shipping software can automatically be flagged as a COD order and optionally the order value can be passed over as the COD amount:

As shown in the next screen shot, you can also see how the email address is also passed over if one exists (this is user configurable as to whether or not to pass the email)

Finally, you can see below how the order number, customer number, and PO# have been placed into the reference fields (there is some flexibility in the use of these fields as well):

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