Welcome to the CPSHIP CPSQL demonstration site!

To begin using CPSHIP, the shipper would click on a new icon that gets created on his desktop to open the CPSHIP program.

When this is done, he is first presented with a screen where he can select the company he wants to work with as shown below:

Next, the main screen for CPSHIP appears. Most of the time the shipper will simply directly key in the order/ticket number that he wants to ship from the shipping document. Alternatively, if you have barcoded the order number, it can be scanned into this field:

Also, you can click on the binoculars in order to do a search. The orders are shown as seen below and the desired order can be located, highlighted, and selected:

When the desired order is located, CPSHIP responds with the following screen prompting the shipper to now minimize or toggle to the shipping software. The shipper will not return to this screen until the shipment is completed in the shipping software. Once it is completed (as will be shown on the next screens), the shipper returns to this screen, clicks "OK" (or presses the "Enter" key) and begins the cycle again with the next order:

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